Jean-Marc Abela

Photographer, video producer and DJ

Contagiously positive, adaptable, hard working, and passionate about the microscopic world, JM Abela is a photographer, videographer and DJ! His focus is always to push beyond his comfort zone while exploring new styles and utilizing new techniques to create the best images and grooving rhythms.

Moe Clark

Artist, Poet and Educator

Multidisciplinary Métis artist Moe Clark is a nomadic songbird with wings woven from circle singing and spoken word. Mistress of the looping pedal, she creates sonic landscapes of layered voice that invite audiences into a trance-like space. Her poetic songs soar through these landscapes, with tonal and lyrical resonance. As community arts educator Moe facilitates writing, spoken word performance and looping pedal workshops in high schools, communities and with Aboriginal youth with a basis for de-habitualizing speech and deepening personal and collective expression.


Visual Artist

Laucolo creates visuals that contribute to showcasing and awakening a sense of wonder about our food and the agri-food system. If she was a was a food, she would be a winter squash because they are well adapted to the northern climate and are versatile in cooking!

Caroline Magar

Landscape architect intern, member of the AAPQ

Caroline Magar is trained in environmental design and landscape architecture. She has been working for 10 years in Montreal in urban ecological planning. During her last trips she discovered a passion for drawing and contemplative watercolor. She sees it as a way to pause and document these inspiring visual experiences

Ahau Marino



Ahau Marino, began his career in music in the year 2000. By the concern of discovering new styles and the learning of the ancestral cultures established in Mexico, before and after being modified by the Spanish colony, he integrates the African culture to the Mexican native.

Homogeneously, rhythms from different parts of the globe coincide as if they had the same origin.

Karl Thidemann (Host)

Co-founder, Soil4Climate


Karl Thidemann, co-founder of Soil4Climate, serves on the board of the Somerville Community Growing Center, an urban oasis offering artistic, cultural, and educational programs in a regenerative-organic garden setting. Karl has experience in the environmental laboratory field, and he marketed electric vehicles for the company that began as MIT’s Solar Car Team. His focus is climate communications including poetry. Karl holds a B.A. in chemistry from Wesleyan University.

Annie Lord

Floral Artist

Annie is a floral artist and "coureuse de bois" who practices ethical and eco-responsible picking. She creates bouquets that follow the seasons of Quebec. Every week, she picks her raw material and composes with what she has in her hands. Her creations are entirely determined by the harvests in her gardens and in nature. Inspired primarily by the surrounding ecosystems, her work is rooted in a sensitivity to the life around us. From the lower Laurentians, to Montreal, she uses the wild and spontaneous flora of here, that one perhaps does not take more time to observe and to appreciate. On the sidelines of the flower industry and imported flowers, she wants to create real microcosms in each bouquet. She offers services for weddings, events, funerals, summer markets and small group flower workshops.