Experience V2

This will not be a typical symposium.

Participation and conversations

In addition to inspiring talks and dynamic panels, there will be time for networking, place for participatory conversations and processes, consultations with the invited speakers and artistic installations.

Collective Action

The Symposium program will build progressively along a journey of shared discovery, leading to collective action. In addition to serving our own projects, there is a clear need to join forces to grow the regenerative movement and drive systemic change. Regeneration Canada is committed to the collaborative stewardship of the seeds that are planted at this gathering.

Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives

As one way to ensure the Symposium will lead to real and lasting change, several partner organizations will be gathering at the event to cultivate their multi-stakeholder initiatives “live.” Our intention is that these active, unfolding “case studies” will benefit from immersion within the Symposium’s learning community, even as they generate learning for all.


Because art inspires, expands perceptions and offers a universal language, the Symposium will mesh together visual art exhibitions, participatory visual harvest of the event, music, short films and poetry. For those attending the Friday night cocktail – bring your instrument, there will be a jam!