Jean-Martin Fortier

Farmer, Ferme des Quatre-Temps and Author, The Market Gardener

Jean-Martin Fortier is a farmer, educator and award-winning author of best-seller "The Market Gardener". A recognized authority on small-scale organic vegetable production, he has inspired hundreds of thousands to embrace a vision of agriculture that is human-scale, ecological and profitable.

David Johnson

Professor, New Mexico State University

David C. Johnson’s experimental findings and openness to new insights have turned him into a champion of microbial diversity as the key to regenerating soil carbon — and thus to boosting agricultural productivity and removing excess atmospheric CO2. His research, begun only a decade ago, affirms the promise of microbes for healing the planet. It has attracted interest from around the world.

Derek Lynch

Associate Professor of Agronomy & Agroecology, University of Dalhousie

Derek Lynch is Professor of Agronomy and Agroecology at Dalhousie University. His academic training is in agronomy (McGill University) and soil science (University of Guelph) and from 2005-2015 held the position as Canada Research Chair in Organic Agriculture. He has also served for many years on the executive of the Canadian Society of Agronomy, including as president from 2014-15. Derek teaches on soil and field crop management and agroecology at the undergraduate and graduate level at Dalhousie. His research program, much of it conducted directly in partnership with participating farms, focuses on cropping and farming system influence on productivity, soil carbon and nutrient dynamics, and soil health and biodiversity.

Jackie Milne

President, Northern Farm Training Institute; Market gardener


Jackie Milne, the President and founder of the Northern Farm Training Institute, is a local Hay River Métis woman with over 25 years of successful market gardening. She created and executed the vision for building this holistic farm and educational centre to genuinely empower people to transform their lives. NFTI farm campus is designed for feeding 200 people in a remote northern community and supports a vibrant regenerative landscape while empowering northerners to build productive local farms and thriving, healthy resilient communities. Jackie is also the leader of the first Canadian Savory Hub, which is a global network of regenerative agriculture teachers committed to Holistic Management.

Hugues Morand

Acting Deputy Director, Environment Policy Division, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


Laura Ortiz Montemayor

Impact Investing Advisor, Chief Purpose Officer and Systems Entrepreneur, SVX México

Laura Ortiz Montemayor is a social entrepreneur, Founder of SVX México, passionate about Regenerative Culture, Systems Thinking, decentralized systems, and an advocate for Impact Investing. Her life mission is to ensure that capital serves humanity. During the past years, Laura’s work has focused on driving social, economic, and environmental justice through Impact Investment and Social Entrepreneurship education, and consulting.

Didi Pershouse

Author and Founder, Center for Sustainable Medicine

Didi Pershouse grew up in a family of high-tech medical pioneers working in radiation and brain surgery. Seeing the often destructive effects of their work first-hand led Pershouse to pioneering work of her own: she developed a practice and theoretical framework for systems-based ecological medicine—restoring health to people as well as the social and ecological systems around them. She has written The Ecology of Care: Medicine, Agriculture, and the Quiet Power of Human and Microbial Communities, and Understanding Soil Health and Watershed Function.

Becky Porlier

Co-founder, Upper Canada Fibreshed


Calla Rose Ostrander

Climate Change Policy, Science Communications and Strategy Advisor

Calla Rose Ostrander is a Climate Change Innovations Advisor to individuals and organizations dedicated to stabilizing Earth’s climate. From 2008-2016 she was the Climate Change Projects Manager for the City & County of San Francisco where she created and managed the City’s internal agency sustainability reporting, local offset program and lead community wide climate planning under mayors Gavin Newsom and Edwin Lee. Calla Rose grew up in Colorado and before moving to California in 2008 co-authored of the City of Aspen’s first Climate Action and Adaptation Plans and was a communications fellow for Rocky Mountain Institute. She studied ecological economics with David Batker of Earth Economics and holds a degree in International Political Economy from the University of Puget Sound.

Joel Salatin

Farmer, Polyface Farm


Joel Salatin, 61, calls himself a Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer. Others who like him call him the most famous farmer in the world. He is also a lecturer, and author whose books include Folks, This Ain't Normal; You Can Farm; and Salad Bar Beef. Salatin raises livestock using holistic management methods of animal husbandry on his Polyface Farm in Swoope, Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley.

Marie-Élise Samson

Agronomist and Ph. D. Candidate in soil conservation, Université Laval

Marie-Elise Samson is trying to determine the best agricultural practices to put in place to store carbon in agricultural soils, and fight against climate change. An agronomist by training, she is passionate about fertility and soil health, which in turn can reduce our dependence on synthetic fertilizers.

Ethan Soloviev

Executive Vice President of Research, HowGood Inc

Ethan Soloviev is a farmer and the Executive Vice President of Research at HowGood.com, where he manages the world’s largest sustainability database on food, beauty, and cleaning products. His work with Fortune 100 retail and CPG companies combines on-the-ground agricultural expertise with sustainability-driven market insights. Ethan farms apples and sheep in upstate NY and is the author of "Levels of Regenerative Agriculture" and "Regenerative Enterprise: Optimizing for Multi-Capital Abundance." You can read his latest latest articles at ethansoloviev.com.